The Essential Guide to buying Alloy Wheels

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Alloy wheels remain an incredibly popular choice with car enthusiasts. The strength and durability that comes from the combination of magnesium and aluminium is one key advantage. Improved heat conduction is advantage number two. Number three - perhaps the most important advantage - is the look it gives the car. There can be no doubt that a set of alloys looks more impressive than its conventional counterparts. With so many options available, it's always handy to have some essential tips to buying alloy wheels to hand, so here goes...

Essential Tip #1: Buy alloys by car

Of all the ways you can buy alloy wheels, by car is definitely the recommended way. Buying by vehicle will ensure that you only select alloys which have the correct fitment for your car. If you can't find anything for the exact model of car, the closest models will usually be suitable - but it is always best to check with an authorised dealer for the relevant car manufacturer to be on the safe side.

Essential Tip #2: Buy alloys by manufacturer

After by car, the next best option is buying by manufacturer. Research which manufacturers make wheels for the fitment you require and you will always purchase compatible alloys.

Essential Tip #3: Think about size

People often consider buying alloys that are bigger than the original size. This is purely for cosmetic reasons, but it can prove very costly. Doing so can invalidate a manufacturer's warranty - not least because it can lead to safety issues with your vehicle. You should always take the time to choose the correct size.

Essential Tip #4: Check the rim's diameter

It is the rim's diameter that determines the wheel size. It is always good sense to choose the original width of the rim, otherwise a wheel replacement might be necessary. Suspension and steering issues can also occur if you deviate from the original rim width. Finally, check the diameter of the pitch circle. Make sure this fits with the wheels.

Keep all these simple (but effective) tips in mind and you will always end up buying the right alloys for your vehicle.

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