More top tips about buying alloy wheels

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When it comes to buying second hand goods, it always pays to keep in mind any top tips and buying guidance that you can find. In general, sales descriptions you see on the web will be accurate. However, the old adage 'if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is' makes good sense - as do these quick pointers.

Look for the genuine article, or replica?

The cost of replica wheels compared with their genuine counterparts is the biggest difference between genuine and replica alloy wheels. It's the much lower cost that can make replica wheels - Audi, Mercedes, BMW and the like - appealing to prospective customers. But there is another major difference too - the quality.
Most replica alloys are typified by a poor paint finish and poor overall quality. What's more, they won't have been tested to EU standards either. It's easy to spot the difference between genuine and replica. Not only will the paint feel rough, you're also likely to find dust spots lurking under the lacquer. Part numbers, rim size and offset will also be missing.

What to do about buckled alloy wheels?

Any second hand goods are likely to show normal signs of wear and tear. That's to be expected. One of the most common signs of damage you are likely to come across will be buckled alloy wheels. This needn't be a problem. Minor buckles can be balanced out relatively easily with good quality tyres. Severe buckles can be more problematic. Wheels can be straightened out but a slight buckle will always remain, unfortunately.

What to do with other signs of damage?

Even cracked wheels can be repaired. Indeed, most types of damage can be fixed, but every wheel needs to be judged on a case by case basis. Chips, dents and scratches can all be repaired. Essentially, the wheel is stripped back to bare metal and then repainted and lacquered.
Bear these tips when you start your search for second hand alloy wheels and you won't go wrong!

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