What is the National Speed Awareness Scheme?

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The National Speed Awareness Scheme is offered as an alternative to a penalty of a fine and having points on your driving license if you are caught speeding.
It is not offered in all circumstances. If you are a repeat offender or are caught at considerably over the speed limit then you can expect a substantial fine and points. However, for first time offenders and those that were only slightly over the speed limit, the driver awareness course is often offered.

Opinions are divided on the scheme. Some motorists say that the speed awareness courses are patronising in nature and contain fairly useless information. However, some drivers come away feeling that they have really benefited from the course and change their driving habits, which is the primary objective of the scheme when all is said and done.
The courses are not free - usually the fee is around £100, and the speeding driver has to pay for this. Of course, the fee will be cheaper than the alternative fine. The courses are held at various venues around the country and usually last around four hours.

What is a speed awareness course like?

The course will be fairly informal. Typically there will be around 20-25 attendees and the course will be delivered by an instructor. Video and other visual aids are used to communicate the messages of the course. A significant part of the course revolves around discussion-based activities.

Topics covered

Topics covered in a speed awareness course include looking at the importance of speed limits, attitudes to speeding and the consequences of it. Explanation is given to the difference made by travelling at various speeds - a collision at 30mph and 40mph, for example. Other topics include driver responsibility, skill and knowledge.

The implications for insurance

Drivers that attend a speed awareness course can often see a rise in their car insurance premiums. If you are asked whether you have attended a course by an insurance company, you must tell them. However, if you are not asked, you are not compelled to disclose this.

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