Polishing Your Alloy Wheels

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This is not something that you are going to need to do too often. Providing you keep your car wheels reasonably clean, your alloy wheels should remain looking beautiful. However, sooner or later you are going to want to give your wheels a little treat. Think of it as a birthday present. This is where polishing will come into play.
If you are polishing your vehicle’s wheels, then I do suggest that you purchase a dedicated polishing machine. They are fairly cheap nowadays. If you have a drill, however, then with the right attachments this will also work.

It is important that you start by choosing the right polish for your vehicle’s wheels. If you are just using standard alloy wheels, then any aluminium polish should be sufficient. You should be able to pick this up from your local hardware store, or even your local garage. However, if you have coated alloy wheels, which many people have nowadays, then you are going to need to select a less-abrasive polish. Many people find that Fiberglass or paint polish is the best option here.

You are going to need to think about the attachments that you are going to be using to polish with too. If you have a drill, then you will be able to purchase a polishing attachment which slides into that drill chuck. You will want something fairly small and soft. This will allow you to get into all those nooks and crannies. Look for ‘ball shape’ polishing attachments, they tend to work fairly well. For those larger surfaces (i.e. the face of the wheel), you should be using a proper polishing machine. It will allow you to cover more ground at once. When you have four wheels to cover (or three if, for some reason you put your alloy wheels on a Robin Reliant), you will want to save as much time as possible!

Start by putting a thin layer of metal polish on the wheel. You should be applying this with a soft lint-free cloth. You do not need to put too much on there. Just a small amount. Once a small amount is in place, you can start ‘rubbing it in’ with the polishing attachment on your drill. Try to keep the drill at a slow speed for the most impact. Keep polishing until the polish starts to go dry.

Once done, just wipe the polish off with a lint free cloth. Your wheel should be looking pristine in no time at all!

Final point to mention here; it is vital that you clean the wheels before you polish them. We have another blog post on this website about cleaning your wheels. If you do not do this, you will be polishing abrasive materials into the wheel. This will cause it to become scratched. Not only are they going to end up looking horrendous, but you are also going to be greatly reducing the lifespan of your alloy wheels. It does not take too long to clean, so you have no excuse here!

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