How to prepare for a long car journey

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Many people get real pleasure in driving long distances, but without planning a long journey can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are some tips to ensure that a long journey is enjoyable and safe.

Keep your car in good condition

Regular servicing and checks of the 'basics' - tyre pressure, and water and oil levels - should be enough to mean that your car will handle a long journey. But make sure you do carry out these checks, because they are among the most common causes of breakdown. Hot weather and being stuck in traffic jams can make a breakdown more likely. On the flip-side, running out of screen wash in wet conditions can be catastrophic too, so it also pays to give your car quick health check before setting off on a long trip.

Pack an emergency kit

It’s important to keep an emergency kit in your car. In the winter, you should throw in blankets and a shovel. In summer, plenty of drinking water is needed, alongside the likes of spare fuses, bulbs, some engine oil, foot pump, and a general first aid kit. You never know when you'll need these sorts of supplies.

Take regular breaks

As the signs say 'Tiredness Kills'. Fatigue is a major cause of accidents. Ideally, you should take a 15 minute break for every two hours on the road. Motorway driving, especially, can be very tiring. Of course, because of the monotony of it it's easy to lose concentration - and a motorway is exactly the place you don't want this to happen.

Take the quieter route

In peak times, such as the school holidays, some roads get ridiculously busy, and are best avoided. Similarly, there are some stretches of motorway that are nearly always congested. Planning your route in advance, possibly to avoid the most well-trodden routes altogether, is often a very good idea. It might take a bit longer, but it could also make a journey more adventurous. Avoiding peak times is sensible too and can seriously cut down on journey times.

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