3 Great Alloy Wheel Cleaners

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Cleaning alloys is important and the equipment you use can make a real difference. So, if you are using a good quality brush or a powerful jet washer, you are bound to see the best results. Investing in such items is always a good idea, but here we are going to focus on the cleaning products themselves.
To be honest, an alloy wheel cleaner can sometimes appear to better than it really is because of the benefit of having the likes of a jet washer. Imagine what can be achieved if you use a top quality cleaning product as well!

Here are 3 recommendations.

Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel

Bilt Hamber was one of the first producers to develop the popular 'purple cleaners' - named so because the cleaner changes colour as it gets to work on the built-up brake dust.
If you have used Bilt Hamber products before you might be accustomed to the rather pungent smell. Thankfully, the Auto Wheel is a little less unpleasant on the senses. This new and improved product is fast-acting and highly effective. No brush is necessary!

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Black Diamond Alloy Shine

In contrast to the many who have followed Bilt Hamber's lead with purple cleaners, Black Diamond has stayed true to its own tried and tested acid-based product. Instructions on the cleaning pack are a little vague as to what surfaces Alloy Shine is suitable for. However, as it is excellent with chrome, the chances are it will be suited with more delicate finishes. A rinse and a brush will leave alloys looking shinier than they would with many far more expensive products.

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Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Cleaner

Wonder Wheels is an old staple. But as acid-based cleaners have gradually been replaced with the new wave of purple cleaners, this strong product - not suitable for several surfaces because of its potency - found itself out of favour slightly. This is slightly unfair as for alloys that are in pretty good condition, Wonder Wheels still does a great job.

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